Vésuve sterling silver ring, shiny and back oxided. Available in size 52. Order your it to your finger size and we will deliver it Price : € 183. 



Sterling silver straight –line pierced earrings



THREAD RING : sterling silver thread ring by BAHL.











Earrings “Silver Triangle”
If you are looking for
an original pair of earrings, then this one is for you :
for your pierced ears, you will like its reasonnable price of €21.00 and its design which will allow you to indulge, for you or someone else !


With its contemporary look,
this pair of shiny sterling silver
pearced earrings will be
very becoming on you and
you will also certainly like its
low price of €36.00.


Why don’t you offer this lovely and feminine bracelet comprised of a little sterling silver ball and a small hollow Crystal red square fixed on the bracelet with a delicate bale. You will enjoy the fact that you can unscrew the ball and thus add any of your other charms in order to have a truly customized bracelet. Its low price of €29.00 will allow you to wear this bracelet along with others of our collection.

















This bracelet is a revisited version of past chain bracelets :
the feminine little knot and the round little owl engraved medal offer a modern look (the little owl is Jez Debugey’s logo and trademark). Its price is €86.00 and wear it along with other bracelets : that’s the latest “in” thing to do!


Be different but “in” with this light bracelet with three charms : a knot, a ball and a little owl medall, all in sterling silver. Ths little own is Jez Debugey’s logo and trademark. With Its affordable price of €105.00 you may offer it or buy it for yourself as it is simple, feminine and elegant.


This sterling silver bracelet has 2 charms : a cute little knot and an engraved little owl sterling silver medal (the little owl is Jez Debugey’s logo and trademark).
You will enjoy it easy opening as it fits all wrist sizes and it costs only €105.00 !
Get yours here.
















Just like the “4 angles” necklace, this one is shorter because it has two elements : 2 flat and asymetrical squares of different sizes held together with 2 white sterling silver bales specifically designed by Jez Debugey.
The 2 square pendant
is set on a sterling silver snake chain necklace.

With its 70’s look, you will certainly be noticed! And it costs only €123.00.


This right-lined pendant is set on our 6 mm stainless steel mesh chains.
With its modern look and
low price of €82.00,
your cleavage will be embellished and
you certainly be noticed.
You may also purchase the pendant only, but if you want to be chic and original,
you will purchase it with the mesh chain !


In a similar way to the neckace “Ellypse”, you may select the chain you like : either the one presented , a tube made of meshed steel in 3mm, or a sterling silver snake chain necklace, or a black leather one. The element is a ring made by HML in Germany, and is available online, either in shiny or black oxided sterling silver and is held on to the chain by a white sterling silver bale, specifically designed by Jez Debugey and provides a wonderful contrast od both color ad texture. With its very pure and elegant look, this necklace fits all personalities and outfits, either sport chic or dressy, colorful or in the back and white theme. Its price is € 224.00.



















You will enjoy this original necklace
with its round Canele pendant which is slighly larger on one side,
and therefore a bit asymetrical.
It is set on a 6mm stainless steel mesh chain and you will be noticed thanks to the contrats of texture and colors this necklace offers.
Its price is € 76.00 and you can find it here.


This long necklace is made up of two elements : a hollow chrystal red square and a little owl engraved medal (Jez Debugey’s logo and trademark). These elements are linked to oneanother with rings and little rods that remind us of horse bits. And the fun part is that you may add any of your other charms, for your own customization. It costs €138.00 and when you wear it, with any given outfit, you will look very modern and elegant.


A long necklace, light in weight and in price €73.00, this piece comprises a long sterling silver snake chain and a square element which is held on to the chain by a bale specifically designed by Jez Debugey.
The 4 angles element is a flat and asymmetrical square, a nice complement to the chain showing contrasts of textures and colors. This necklace is easy to wear and extremely elegant.
















This powerful and very contemporary necklace is made up of a sterling silver element simply slipped on a 10mm stainless steel mesh chain. It is a light-weight piece which will be quite dressy on any tops you wear, colorful or not. The pendant, made by HML in Germay, is available either in shiny or black oxided sterling silver. The whole necklace, including the chain and the pendant, is will cost you €370.00 and you will be absolutely striking with it!


This pendant, made by HML in Germany, is available either in shiny or black oxided sterling silver ; it is set on a 6mm stainless steel mesh chain necklace thanks to a white sterling silver bale, specifically designed by Jez Debugey. You may wear the element on one of your own chains, or on a black leather chain, available on our on-line shop. But the best striking look will be if you wear it on the steel chains ; and you will see that it can complement your wardward all year-long, either with your winter or summer outfits, whether colorful or not, and with or without a low-neck. Its price is €230.00 (with either the shiny or the black element, and with the tube steel chain).