Jez Debugey’s jewels shown at one of the last exhibits at the Grand Palais in Paris

 Jean Doucet, the famous French fashion designer, held a private evening last February 16th at the Paris Grand Palais Museum to celebrate his 30 years of creation.
About 100 people and celebrities were present amongst them the well-known TV journalist Karine Lemarchand.

Liza Attal, a lovely young lady, was also there as Jez Debugey’s ambassador and she captivated Jean Doucet and his invitees. She wore a unique piece necklace made up of an amazing Malachite on a large chain, as well as the earrings “Rectiligne”, the ring “Demi Fils’ and 3 bracelets, all part of her lattest collection “Metal&Sens”. Pieces described above are available on her on-line boutique :

Jez Debugey’s collections are all made in France. They cater to women who are looking for different jewels, with pure shapes, often inspired by architecture. Her designs are timeless and allows women to wear her jewellery on all occasions.

Take a look at the “Metal&Sens” Collection : it offers contemporary designs, quite unusual mixing silver and steel.

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