Designer JEZ DEBUGEY brings new life to your « Forgotten Jewels », those family heirlooms you are not wearing any longer. Her contemporary approach and designs will surprise you while adapting  to your own style. And her creative process is daring ! A typical example of it is when she redesigned a 1920 diamond wedding band into 3 pairs of earrings to be shared among sisters…. She is an inspiration and shows a great deal of generosity and comprehension for family transmission.


As a member of both BOCI (the National Jewelry organization) and CMA (Chamber for Arts and craftsmanship), designer Jez offers two blockbuster collections with METAL&SENS and METAL&GEMMES ; her other collections manufactured in limited series are elegant and colorful and may be customized. 


In addition, should you have her design and manufacture a piece, Jezabelle will make sure her little owl is engraved on your jewel : it is her trademark, the symbol of clairvoyance and  the emblem of Dijon, the town she grew up in ! Jez is truly looking for meaning and style !

Bijoux JEZ DEBUGEY are sold :

  • Designers ‘ shop ART INTEMPOREL DESIGN  : 10 rue de la Salle, 78100 Saint Germain en Laye.
  • Designers’ Shop SHOPPING FOR HAPPINESS : 15 rue du Pont Louis Philippe, 75004 Paris.
  • Will be at the MADE IN FRANCE Exhibit for the 3rd time : Nov 10 to 12th at  Porte de Versailles à Paris,
  • And online    
  • You may get in touch with her at :
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