Jez Debugey, who has long been fascinated by the mysterious beauty of precious stones, decided to apply her talents as a creator-designer to jewelry-making, launching her brand in 2012.

This love of jewelry and gemstones stems from her childhood. Very early on, she was captivated by the art of stone cutting and polishing, which brought out their brilliance as if by magic. The mix of stones that she combines shows just how much she is drawn by colors.

A number of encounters with renowned jewelers and designers inspired her to bring her own projects to life.

Jézabelle, keenly aware of the beauty of shapes, lines and colors, had begun several years earlier by creating costume jewelry. Since then, she has perfected her jewelry-making techniques in workshops, and followed a training program at the Institut National de Gemmologie.

All the creations are “Made in France”, in workshops in Paris, (family-owned for over 50 years) and Lyon (belonging to one of the leading French jewelers).

Customized models: you choose the type of metal and stone that you want, or select a ready-to-wear model. It’s up to you to decide!

Transformations/new creations: you have a plan, an ancient jewel that you want to have remodeled so that it is adapted to your style. Jez Debugey will guide you in your choice and offer you advice according to your preferences and your budget.

The models, patented and presented on the website, are available in a limited edition and in silver (925/000) or in 18k gold.

Their clean and crisp forms, often inspired by architecture, always place the gemstones to the forefront, in all simplicity, making them an original and easy-to-wear piece of jewelry, gently rounded or more graphic.

The creations are available at the Showroom, as well as in Versailles (Larroutis Jewelers) and at Boulogne-Billancourt (Dagher Jewelers).


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