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Jez Debugey: It’s up to you to decide!

“More of a passion than a trade”, says Jézabelle. Launching her brand became a reality in a very short time. She was captivated by the radiance of stones at a very young age and began her career by designing fashion jewelry, using gemstones presented to her during her many encounters with jewelers and designers. She launched her own brand in 2012. Each piece of jewelry is unique as it is customized and made to order. You chose the metal and the stone and then the sky’s the limit! Often inspired by architecture, she brings together simplicity and graphic design, always putting the stone at the forefront.

Original jewelry that can be worn every day of the week!

If your grandparents gave you an antique jewel  which doesn’t really jibe with today’s fashion but you don’t want to part with for sentimental reasons, Jézabelle will offer you her advice and create a new and unique piece of jewelry perfectly adapted to your look.



Bague Accro Paris2 HDA

Accro Paris 2 ring in silver and big oval turquoise



Boucles d'oreilles clip FIBULE2HDAWhite gold fibula earrings with amethysts