Because she loves gem stones and unusual jewelry, designer Jezabelle, when she created her brand a few years ago, wanted her clients to take ownership of her jewel.

That is why the “Little Owl” trademark offers collections that may be customized. The two collections Metal&Sens and Metal&Gemmes, meet that goal and are both attractive in price and shapes. You can purchase the piece as shown or adapt it to your own taste. Other collections are in production and will soon be presented.

Another way to customize is what Jezabelle does with what she calls “the forgotten jewels”, those family heirlooms or damaged jewels. She will bring new life and design to them so you may wear them again. She draws, eventually buys the gem stones and has the work manufactured by specialists in Paris and Lyon. Her creative universe, bold and somewhat surprising, will nevertheless always strive to comprehend your style because her only goal is to please you. And your family heritage will then be passed on !

Jezabelle’s quest resides in style and meaning : raised in Dijon, she chose the little owl to represent her trademark as it is the symbol of the Burgandy capital while being a good luck animal.

Jez Debugey is an active member of BOCI (the jewelry association) and of Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat (CMA, the Chambers for trades and craftsmanship)

Where to buy

110 avenue Mozart – 75016 PARIS
Monday to Friday  10:30am to 7:30pm and saturday 10:30am to 8pm

Saint Germain en Laye
Galerie Saint Germain – 10 rue de la Salle
Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 7:30pm and sunday 10:30am to 1:30pm

On line Shop

  • Bijoux Jez Debugey au Boudoir des Lubies

  • Bijoux Jez Debugey au Boudoir des Lubies

  • Bijoux Jez Debugey au Boudoir des Lubies

  • Bijoux Jez Debugey au Boudoir des Lubies

  • La collection Or chez LUNEL Joaillers

Forthcoming exhibits until year-end
24 au 30 octobre : “Secrets de Bijoux” – LYON – Palais de la BourseNovember
10 au 12 novembre : Salon du MADE IN FRANCE – PARIS – Porte de Versailles (Hall 2-1 – Stand E30)
24 et 25 novembre : Salon des créateurs L’ETANG LA VILLE – Espace Auberderie

3 au 9 décembre : Carré de la Création PARIS LA DEFENSE – Parvis
15 et 16 décembre : Marché de Noël – VOISINS LE BRETONNEUX – Centre sportif des Pyramides Mail de Schenefeld
19 au 23 décembre : Marché de Noël PARIS NOTRE DAME – square Viviani, quai Montebello